Designed by Sandra Mushale, Sandra Mushale Bags is a set of original handbags that are passionately made in Canada, and intricately designed and crafted with the fashion-forward female in mind.

Sandra Mushale bags are vibrant, fun, colourful, and classy. They effortlessly accent your outfits, create bold fashion statements, and compliment your individual style with their unique features and design. Sandra Mushale Bags are based on Sandra Mushale's signature use of bright tones infused with youthful energy.  The collection is a chic compliment to any wardrobe, adding visual adventure and sleek lines made with resilient Genuine Leather.

Sandra Mushale brand is synonymous with quality materials, classic appeal, and daring design. The Sandra Mushale Bags line is a must-have group of handbags that will accentuate your image and reflect confidence.

Every woman needs a handbag that is practical, yet personal. A fun fundamental. A stunning staple. Something funky, yet still fashionable. The Sandra Mushale Bags combines your need for an everyday bag with your natural desire to display your inner fashionista: it represents the lifestyle of a progressive yet powerful woman.